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Should You Install a New Heat Pump in Greensboro?

Choosing to install a heat pump in your home can be a stressful and challenging decision for Greensboroans. Still, fortunately, there are more energy-efficient options available than ever before. 

Heat pumps are perfect for Greensboro homeowners looking to save money on their utility bills and decrease the amount of greenhouse gas emissions needed to keep their homes warm in the cold Greensboro winters and cool in the summers. Despite what you might have heard, heat pumps work great in all climates, even during .

There are many clear benefits of heat pumps, so let’s talk about how to choose the best system for your home and family.

Benefits of Air-Source Heat Pumps in Your Greensboro Home

Over the last decade, air-source heat pumps have become increasingly more efficient at heating homes during the winter. Because of this, they are more common than ever before in Greensboro today! 

In fact, their heating and cooling efficiencies are exceptional. They work almost exactly like an air conditioner, but they have a reversing valve to switch the refrigerant direction and heat your home too.

Instead of having a gas furnace and a central air conditioning unit in your home, an air-source heat pump replaces both of those. 


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Here are the benefits of air-source heat pumps: 

  • Heat and cool your home
  • Have high energy efficiencies for both heating and cooling modes
  • Efficiency is optimized at temperatures greater than 30 to 40°F
  • Smaller indoor footprint than a gas furnace and central air conditioner
  • Zero risks of carbon monoxide and gas leaks
  • Upfront cost is comparable to gas furnace plus central AC cost

With average temperatures of 59°F in Greensboro, it’s no wonder why air-source heat pumps are so common amongst their residents.

How Long Do Heat Pumps Typically Last in Greensboro?

Residential heat pumps in Greensboro usually last 15 to 20 years on average, frequently more with proper maintenance. But, of course, since heat pumps cool and heat your home, they will be working all year long and through every Greensboro season. Since they run all year, heat pumps are put under a high degree of stress, especially during the . 

The average summer, spring, winter, and fall temperatures of 75.7, 58.2, 42.1, and January°F, respectively, means your heat pump has to have outstanding performance all year long. 

Although heat pumps are designed to be workhorses, routine maintenance is all the more critical in these HVAC systems. 

With that in mind, Greensboroans should ensure they have routine maintenance and tune-ups completed on their heat pumps to ensure the best lifespan, efficiency, and performance. 

The Different Types of Heat Pumps For Greensboro Homes & Residents?

If you are interested in heat pumps, you’ve probably encountered the five primary types: air source heat pump (ASHP), ground source heat pump (GSHP), geothermal heat pump (GHP), water source heat pump (WHP), and ductless mini-split heat pumps. 

Air-Source Heat Pumps 

Air-source heat pumps work similarly to central air conditioning systems – they remove heat from homes with the vapor compression refrigeration cycle by passing heated air across coils that contain chilled refrigerant. Most Air-source heat pumps connect to ductwork in the home. 

Ground Source and Geothermal Heat Pumps

Geothermal or ground-source heat pumps pull heat deep from the earth to heat your home in the winter. In the hot, Greensboro summers geothermal heat pumps pump heat from your home into the Earth. 

Water Source Heat Pump 

In a water source heat pump, heat is removed from a home by exchanging the heat from the air in the house to cool water in a pipe system. The water is then pumped through another heat exchanger, and the heat is expelled to the outdoors. 

For North Carolina homes, all types of heat pumps are great options, even in the summer and !

The most common one in Greensboro is air-source heat pumps. However, Greensboroans do make use of all different types of heat pumps.

What Type of Air-Source Heat Pump is Best For Your Home?

If you’re considering an air-source heat pump for your home, you might be lost in all the different models, options, and variations. So let’s discuss the most important factors that Greensboro homeowners should consider before making a heat pump purchase.

Heating and cooling capacity 

The heat pump’s capacity relates to how many square feet it can heat and cool. To properly size the heat pump and HVAC technician will base it on the size of the home and through a Manual J Calculation.

Efficiency rating 

Heat pumps with better efficiencies save on energy costs but cost more money upfront. Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) is the efficiency rating for heating, and Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is the efficiency rating for the cooling mode.

Brand and model

The top brands of air-source heat pumps include Carrier, Trane, Lennox, Bryant, LG, Rheem, and Goodman. Most Greensboro homeowners make their brand and model choice based on cost, rebates, reviews, or availability.

Warranty terms

Each brand has a different warranty term. Choose the one the works best for you. 

Physical size

If you have physical space constraints for your heat pump installation location, this could be an important factor.

Additional features - 

Extra features include communication, smart thermostats, supplemental heating, and more – talk to our HVAC experts to review all the potential upgrades to improve your HVAC system. 

How Much Does Heat Pump Installation or Replacement in Greensboro Typically Cost?

For Greensboro residents, heat pump installation usually costs . Luckily, if you are replacing an old unit, the new system will provide better efficiency and thus cost less over time, so it could be worth replacing your old unit for the long-term bill savings. 

The pricing for installation and replacement will vary depending on the following factors: 

  • Heating and cooling capacity or “size"
  • Heat pump brand and model 
  • Type of blower motor 
  • Cooling and heating efficiency rating
  • Length of refrigerant lines needed 

When Should You Replace Your Heat Pump?

If your existing heat pump is older than 15 years and you have to repair it constantly, this would be an excellent indication to replace it with a new one. Heat pumps in Greensboro are running all year, and you wouldn’t want it breaking down again during the . 

These are signs you should look for when considering a heat pump replacement:

  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Total cost of repairs - if the repairs cost more than 50% of a new unit, get a new one
  • Heating and cooling effectiveness 
  • Increased heating and cooling cost due to poor heat pump performance 
  • Age of the heat pump

Can a Heat Pump Lower My Energy Bills in Greensboro

A new air-source heat pump can lower Greensboro homeowner’s energy bills. Because heat pumps are becoming more energy efficient every year, replacing an old unit can reduce your heating and cooling costs. 

Old units also get “worn down" and don’t work as efficiently as they did when they were brand new. The efficiency increase and cost savings are 2-fold: newer heat pumps are designed to be more energy-efficient, and “used" older lose efficiency due to age.

Our Quality Ductless Air-Source Heat Pump Installation Services in Greensboro

At Blue National HVAC, we provide the best and most cost-effective heat pump installation services in Greensboro. 

All of our HVAC technicians are highly trained and skilled in installing all brands of air-source heat pump systems. Through their experience, they are able to assist you with providing the best recommendation for your home. 

The installation of a heat pump can vary depending on the particular model, but in general, here is the process our HVAC technicians go through during installation: 

  • Brand and model selection
  • Size or capacity selection based on a Manual J Calculation 
  • Removing the old unit 
  • Submitting Greensboro city or county permits (if necessary)
  • Installation and electrical hookup of the outdoor unit
  • Installation and electrical hookup of the indoor unit
  • Connection of the refrigerant lines
  • Charging the system with refrigerant
  • Connection to the thermostat
  • Start and commissioning of the heat pump

Why You Should Leave Heat Pump Installation to the Professionals

An air-source heat pump is an excellent, all-around heating and cooling system that some Greensboro homeowners are eager to install themselves. The truth is, this type of installation is very tricky, and you could potentially end up damaging the heat pump or, worse, your home. 

At Blue National HVAC, our technicians are highly trained and skilled in installing heat pumps and how they function. To optimize your new heat pump’s safety, quality, lifespan, and efficiency, have it installed by a professional. We’ll happily help you install your new heat pump, give us a call today!

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