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We had three different techs come to “fix” our furnace, only to have our heat cut out again. Then we called Blue National! Can’t thank you enough for finally fixing the problem.

– Elena D.

HVAC Testimonial

I called numerous HVAC companies to get our ductless mini splits installed on our first floor. Blue National was the most affordable, and they showed up within two days to get the work done. Highly recommend these guys.

– Frank B.

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Why We’re The Best Air Conditioner Repair Company For You

At Blue National HVAC, our expert HVAC technicians and staff are available to assist you 24/7, 365 days a year with air conditioning repair services.

We’re available to perform not only emergency service, but also for preventative maintenance (before the scorching hot days of summer arrive) to catch and fix any issues your AC unit might have before you turn it on!

All of our technicians are familiar with every air conditioning brand, model, and style of AC unit that are commonly used in West Warwick because they live here too and are locally trained! 

They understand just how uncomfortable it is to be at home without a working air conditioner for even just a few hours in the scorching hot Rhode Island summer. That is precisely why they ensure they are prompt in getting your AC unit working again fast!

We back all of our work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Plus we offer financing and convenient payment plans to take the stress out of your AC repair. 


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How Much Does Air Conditioner Repair Cost in West Warwick?

Chances are if your air conditioner breaks down, it’ll happen on one of the hottest days of the year because it’s working overtime to keep your home cool. 

When it comes to repairs, Rhode Islander pay an average of $394 for scheduled maintenance or tune-ups on their AC units, which is West Warwick homeowners is around $531. Routine maintenance, while it can be a hassle, is a necessary thing to ensure that your system functions well for years to come.

To repair your air conditioner, the price will vary depending on the issue you are having and which components need to be replaced or repaired. 

Here are some examples of common air conditioner components that could require a repair or even a replacement: 

  • Compressor
  • Capacitor
  • Blower motor
  • Outdoor fan
  • Expansion valve
  • Condenser coils
  • Evaporator coils
  • Refrigerant lines
  • Condensate line and drain pan

More serious air conditioner component failures can significantly increase the cost of your repair. For example, the evaporator coils or compressor will add high costs if they need to be repaired or replaced. 

The price range West Warwick residents pay for air conditioning repair usually falls between $256 and $531. But, if a major component needs to be replaced this could skyrocket the cost.

Luckily, if the air conditioner is under warranty, you may not have to pay for the repairs or you may just need to pay for the cost of labor.

How Long Do Air Conditioners Last in West Warwick?

In West Warwick, air conditioners are put to work in the summer months. The average summer temperature in West Warwick is 68.8, which means your air conditioner is running full blast most days. Keep in mind, that’s just the average temperature, which means many days are actually hotter than that!

If your house is near the average house size in West Warwick which is about 1,368, your AC unit will be working constantly to keep all of that space cool, which can put it under a lot of stress.

With that being said, most air conditioners in West Warwick are often constantly running, which impacts their lifespan. However, according to our records - many Rhode Islander generally own air conditioning units that last over fifteen years, with many lasting well over twenty years.

West Warwick homeowners that keep up with routine maintenance often see a much longer lifespan on their air conditioners. 

But, if you don’t properly maintain your air conditioner, it may not even last ten years. This is why a maintenance plan is so important for maximizing the longevity of this expensive (and important) appliance. 

What Are The Signs You Need Air Conditioner Repair in West Warwick?

When West Warwick residents’ air conditioners are not working correctly and require a repair, there are many signs and symptoms that could indicate a problem. Think of it like this: When you are sick, your body shows the symptoms of a cold. Similarly, when your air conditioner has issues, it will have symptoms too. 

And just like when you’re sick, different air conditioner symptoms point to various problems. So here are a few signs that your air conditioner requires a repair. 

It’s Too Hot in Your Home

If your air conditioner is not working correctly, the first sign West Warwickites notice is their home getting warmer as the day goes on. 

For example, you might be working from home and by midday you start to notice that you’re sweating. The slow change in temperature sneaks up on you. Then, when you check the thermostat, sure enough, your home’s temperature is hotter than the setpoint. 

Make sure your thermostat is set correctly – in “cooling mode" or set to “cool" – check your vents to see if air is coming out. If there is airflow, but it is warm, then it could be an issue like a refrigerant leak, blocked coils, or a compressor issue, which are some of the most common problems that arise in West Warwick. 

The Air Conditioner Makes Abnormal Noises

When air conditioning systems in West Warwickites make odd noises, that is a good indication that something is wrong. In regular operation, an air conditioner will have a slight hum when running, similar to the sound of a fan and a small motor. 

When the air conditioner kicks on, it will be louder before quieting down to the gentle hum. Being louder during startup is entirely normal. The outdoor unit is the most audible portion of your air conditioner because it contains the compressor and a large fan. It will seem loud if you’re standing right next to it outside, but this is normal too. 

Sounds that are not normal include the following: 

  • Dripping 
  • Water flowing sounds
  • Clashing 
  • Banging 
  • Grinding 
  • Screeching 
  • Buzzing

If your air conditioner is consistently making any of these noises, there is a high probability that something is wrong and requires repair. Don’t ignore it.

Remember, the average cost of replacing and installing a new unit is while the average repair cost is . 

Simply maintaining your unit on an annual basis could save you thousands of dollars in the long run!

Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On

When your air conditioner doesn’t turn on at all, that is a critical issue! You can check the circuit breaker, and perhaps that will be an easy solution. But, if that doesn’t resolve it, you need to get in touch with our HVAC technicians for a repair as soon as you can. 

The AC Unit Turns On and Off Repeatedly 

During regular operation, your air conditioner should run about 2 to 3 times per hour for 10 to 15 minutes. If you notice that your air conditioner is constantly turning on and off, your air conditioning system needs repair. 

The Air Conditioner Stinks

A stinky air conditioner isn’t only a cosmetic issue, it can be a sign of a problem that needs repair too. For example, when your air conditioning has too much moisture condense in the indoor unit, the liquid can build up and provide suitable conditions for mold and mildew to grow. 

Bad AC smells most often happen from dirty coils, clogged condensate lines, or clogged filters. If your air conditioning is smelling funky, get it fixed fast! These irritants reduce indoor air quality and have harmful health effects. 

High Humidity and Leaks

Your AC unit doesn’t just cool the air, it also takes the humidity out of it. If your home suddenly feels muggy and damp, that could be a sign that your air conditioner is struggling to work properly. This problem will need to be assessed and repaired by a professional. 

Common Air Conditioner Repairs We Perform For West Warwick residents?

What To Do If Your Air Conditioner Keeps Breaking Down?

If your air conditioning unit keeps breaking down after consecutive repairs, it might be time to consider a replacement unit. An excellent guideline to follow is as follows: If your AC repair costs more than 50% of a new unit and it’s older than 15 years, you should strongly consider replacing your AC unit with a new one.

For instance, your AC unit might be 20 years old and require a repair of 40% of the cost of a new AC unit. In that case, you’ll have to decide if a new unit makes financial sense for you. 

If you decide to move forward with a new air conditioner, you’ll have to arrange a full AC installation. Give our HVAC technicians a call today for a free quote!

What Are The Benefits of Professional Air Conditioner Repair in West Warwick?

Blue National HVAC provides leading air conditioner repair and HVAC services in West Warwick. Most West Warwickites will tell you that we have excellent customer service and are super responsive. Our HVAC technicians have years of experience and strive to be on time for all of their service visits. We don’t like keeping people waiting. 

We keep our prices fair and provide the best value for AC repairs to West Warwick homeowners. In addition, to reduce the burden of air conditioner repairs or replacements on homeowners, we offer stress-free financing options.

To learn how our team of HVAC professionals can quickly and correctly get your air conditioner and any HVAC system running like new, give us a call today!

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